Classic White Bathroom

Here is a recent remodel we just completed. It is a tiny space, but we made it classic and cozy.

We installed 4×12 classic subwhite tile with crown molding and rope tile for an accent. We then installed painted white PVC beadboard for added moisture protection. Next we raised their existing cabinet and made a custom vanity top.

Solid Surface Shower

Here is a recent shower installation. We installed solid surface shower panels by the Onyx Collection.

This one included the matching 3″ crown molding to finish off the top and has the added benefit of a low-profile curb.

Panoramic image to show the full shower



( A Rain Glass Frameless shower door will be installed at a later date)


Bent Shed

We recently built a shed that had quite a few bells and whistles. This is a 8′ by 22′ shed with a 30 degree bend in the middle. It has a 12 pitch roof with porkchop returns at the gable ends. We installed several windows, a regular door and a roll-up door as well. The shed is sided in roughtex plywood with 1×2 battens every 12″.

Custom Range Hood

This is a custom range hood that I built over 15 years ago. This is a current image of the hood today. We incorporated antique corbels. There is a commercial hood enclosed underneath. The homeowner opted to put 2 ranges instead of a commercial range which saved a lot of expense.

Customer Mantle