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I’m Bill Gawley, my wife Lauren and I own Gawley Building & Remodeling, Inc., located in Sequim, WA. 

For 10 years I trained under professional painters, tile setters, framers, window installers, roofers, and finish carpenters. This experience has given me the vast knowledge I have today to perform a multitude of remodeling projects.

The following 5 years I had my own remodeling business and subtracted for numerous General Contractors.  I specialized in remodeling homes built in the 1900’s and trim carpentry. 

In 2008 my parents convinced my family and I to move here from NJ. Upon arriving here I immediately applied for my General Contracting license, became licensed, bonded and insured. Since then I have built numerous decks, remodeled multiple bathrooms, performed entire house remodels, built a custom Yurt, installed windows and trim throughout homes and more. My fortie is coming up with creative and cost effective solutions for your remodeling projects. Take a look around our blog and see what work I’ve done.