Azek Porch


Testimonial from customer

“My original porch was in very bad condition, and I was tired of painting the thing over and over.  Bill completely reframed a new porch for us in the same foot print as the original.  The new porch is covered with Azek that Bill suggested for me.  It’s beautiful and tough and cleans easily with a damp cloth.  Bill’s work is done to perfection.  He just won’t settle for substandard, and you can see that with every cut and joint.  He’s a superb craftsman.”




New welded wire fence


“I’m so sorry not to be able to shout it from the rooftops, but just know, Lauren, that I’ve already given you, Bill, and your kids even (!) amazing references to my friends. As one pal put it: Hang on to that business card. And as I wrote in my recommendation: This is one home and property fixit job that I hate to see come to an end (and whoever says that?!

Carrie K in Sequim.

Entire house remodel

This is a house that had an entire remodel. For the exterior we replaced 17 windows, siding, added rock veneer, exterior door and new porch. Garage was painted and a new roof put on.

For the interior we replaced the kitchen, bathroom, new paint, removed popcorn ceilings, retextured ceiling, new flooring, installed all doors and new moldings throughout entire house.


Testimonial from the Customer

“Bill was recommended to me by a couple of friends who had used Bill to work on their houses. I have bought and sold a number of homes over my 65 years and have worked with quite a few tradesman. So, I was hopeful that my friends knew what they were talking about. Bill not only does great work, with very good attention to details, but he was good at explaining what he was doing and why. Bill is considerate of the customer and eager to please! We bought a forty year old home on a great lot, but needed just about everything replaced or updated. We gutted most of the house, including kitchen and bathrooms. Moved a couple of walls, installed 17 windows and replaced every interior door and frame. Bill performed extensive remodeling work. And his finish work is the best! Bill is great with paint and moldings! Excellent with tile and rock work. And very good with flooring.  Bill is able to tackle any task as he has a lot of experience (over twenty years). When you take on a remodel, often the new things don’t easily match the original construction, Bill knew how to make it turn out beautifully. Bill did not leave the job until each phase was complete. I shopped five different contractors and Bill’s ideas and prices were competitive. I am happy to highly recommend Bill Gawley for just about any work that you may need!”

Mitch in Sequim