High Mantle

This was a project that I worked on with another contractor friend of mine. We built the custom bookcases and the high mantle and had another contractor friend do the mason work. This mantle later on got a custom faux finish.

Outside Shower

This was an outside shower that I built using Spanish Cedar, Cedar, and Composite Decking. I hand made the handle so that it would lock the door shut and still be able to hold up to the test of time. In the floor there is a hatch to be able to clear the drain should that ever need to happen.

Fluted Mantle

This was a mantle that I built where I did a lot of custom fluting. This Mantle is made from Poplar wood. Poplar is an inexpensive hardwood that makes for a solid paint-grade material. Just under where the TV is mounted there is a small area for the center speaker. the removable cover is to have fabric stabled on the inside of it according to taste and season. It can be changed out on a whim to re-decorate the mantle.

Garage remodel

We took a three bay garage and converted it into a two bay garage, added in a new room and remodeled the laundry room.


We recently built a mantle for a customer that had built one for themselves. Although the old mantle was a valiant effort and we all liked it we needed to tie this space together with a  mantle that would blend into the adjacent bookcases. One of the other things that we did here that may not be noticeable in the pictures was a fairly major repair on the drywall behind the picture on the wall. The drywall had to be floated out substantially, re-textured, and re-painted to match.

Beadboard Alcove

This was a job that we did recently where we remodeled an opening, making it wider and adding in a beadboard ceiling and some shelving. There was quite a bit of work involved in this as we had to patch in the flooring, tie the walls in, install a new header over the opening and fade in all the texture work. I think it really opened the space up and created a nice new area to enjoy a meal and read a book.