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High Mantle

This was a project that I worked on with another contractor friend of mine. We built the custom bookcases and the high mantle and had another contractor friend do the mason work. This mantle later on got a custom faux finish.

Fluted Mantle

This was a mantle that I built where I did a lot of custom fluting. This Mantle is made from Poplar wood. Poplar is an inexpensive hardwood that makes for a solid paint-grade material. Just under where the TV is mounted there is a small area for the center speaker. the removable cover is to have fabric stabled on the inside of it according to taste and season. It can be changed out on a whim to re-decorate the mantle.


We recently built a mantle for a customer that had built one for themselves. Although the old mantle was a valiant effort and we all liked it we needed to tie this space together with a  mantle that would blend into the adjacent bookcases. One of the other things that we did here that may not be noticeable in the pictures was a fairly major repair on the drywall behind the picture on the wall. The drywall had to be floated out substantially, re-textured, and re-painted to match.

Cedar Mantel

This is a mantle that I made for a customer recently. The fireplace was red brick and had a small slate hearth before.
The new mantle is made from wood that we got out of the forest and milled to fit. Many thanks to Lisa for helping us out and allowing us to take wood from her property. 🙂

Custom Tile Fireplace

This is a fireplace that I did for a customer. It had a rustic brick finish and I skinned over that with tile. We had a new insert installed to give a larger viewing area.  Some of the accent tiles really stand out where others are very subtle. All of the trim was also custom made to fit in with the surrounding woodwork. If you’re interested in the custom tiles on this mantle you should check out the creators website!

Wooden Mantel

This was a mantel that I made for CornerStone Builders in New Jersey. It’s designed to have a large TV mounted above it on a tilting bracket.  On this one I did the granite work as well. The paint on this however I left to a friend of mine.